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RIPCORD “Clean Freq” Guitar Amp

RIPCORD “Lead Freq” Guitar Amp

RIPCORD “Deep Freq” Guitar Amp

RIPCORD “Bass Freq” Bass Guitar Amp


Introducing the RIPCORD 100 Series amplifiers! A custom built series of amps by musician, amp repair tech and amp designer Adam Kachersky.Built with as many locally sourced custom parts as possible and built right in New Jersey, the series includes two styles of guitar amps and one bass amp.

All amplifiers are made utilizing a compact 100w head design meant to ease portability while delivering a full powered punch, all while lending itself to easily being paired up with many different types of guitars/basses, pedals and speakers! An amplifier platform for all occasions!

Both guitar amps, the “Clean Freq” and “Lead Freq” sport an entirely unique circuit designed by Adam Kachersky to emphasize signal clarity, tone and note articulation, not only in clean tones, but more critically while overdriving as well.

Gone are the days of squashed clipping stages being cascaded into more squashed clipping stages, which strips the life right out of your instrument and ultimately the player. This new circuit, affectionately dubbed “Dynamic Coupling”, takes preamp design to the next level, boosting your signal in a very effective way to achieve not only signal clarity, but widening the frequency response from the tone controls that in turn help shape a uniquely driven gain texture.

The “Bass Freq” bass amp utilizes the same 100w back end, but sports an Output Transformer designed to go down to 40hz, like a true bass amp should! The preamp in the bass amp is an all time mix of several classic designs, tweaked, modified and refined to bring a wide range of tones from one small package!

All amplifiers sport a light up RIPCORD logo, with adjustable colors and fading options, just in case someone asks “what the hell is that?!?!” ...this amp will ‘light’ the way for a new breed of players.