Warranty Info

Amps: All amplifiers are covered by a 5 year warranty on Parts/Labor and a 90 day warranty on all Tubes.

Cabinets: Speakers Cabinets and Speakers are covered by a 5 year warranty

Instruments: All Instruments are covered by a 5 year warranty

Warranty periods cover manufacturer defects only. Issues due to owner/user misuse, damage, abuse, mishandling, modification, poor maintenance, etc. will not be considered under warranty and all repair costs will be the owners full responsibility. Warranty will be determined by an in-house inspection of the product. Should the product be deemed “out of warranty”, the owner will be notified before any further work or time is expended beyond the necessary inspection period. A $40 min fee for inspection will be charged for all out of warranty items should the owner not want to proceed with the repair and costs associated. By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms.

Replacement “Acrylic Logos” are available for a fee upon the return of a broken logo and only as a replacement, Acrylic Logos are not for sale otherwise. If a broken logo can not be produced as proof of ownership, the amplifier, either shown in person or via photographic evidence of the amp and serial# will serve as proof, at which point a logo will be available for a $60 fee (plus S/H if applicable).

Replacement LED remotes will be available at no charge for a one time replacement within the warranty period if the remote is lost. Out of warranty remotes will be available for $10 (plus S/H if applicable).