RIPCORD “Clean Freq” Guitar Amp

 Available for purchase in store or over the phone

The RIPCORD “Clean Freq” is a 100w rhythm machine designed to give you a broad range of clarity, from the very top end all the way down to those sweet rounded lows.

Utilizing a modified 60’s tone stack (treble/middle/bass) design, this amp can dial in numerous tones in a heartbeat. Stay clean or drop the Master and crank the Volume for some grit! This amp will deliver your guitar and pedal tones like no other. A perfect platform for pedal boards. Run your overdrives, distortions and fuzzes through this amp to bring your pedals alive! Especially great for modulation pedals like reverb, chorus and phaser!

Utilizing RIPCORD’s “Dynamic Coupling” circuitry, rhythm guitar amps will never be the same!

All amplifiers include:

  • Hand-wired All Tube Design (diode rectifier) built in NEW JERSEY, USA
  • 100w RMS Output via 4X6L6’s
  • 8 and 4 ohm Output Taps
  • Presence Control
  • 3-Way Power/Off/Standby Switch
  • Slipcover
  • Light Up Logo with Multiple LED Color Configurations (Remote Included)
  • Power Tube Cooling Fan
  • Power Cord Wrapping Hooks
  • Front & Rear Perforated Metal Grills (allows for consistent airflow and gives you full view of the external components, there’s no guessing if it’s a Tube Amp... take a look for yourself!)
  • Post Phase Inverter “Master”**


Depth: 11”
Width: 18-1/2”
Height: 10”


 *Processing fee applies if paying by credit card.

**The PPIM is a feature that not only acts as a Master, but also as an Attenuator of the signal prior to it entering the power tubes. What this means is that you can mimic the overall output of any wattage amp by setting this control to your desired output level. This linear control acts like this: at full, your amp is at full 100w power, at 12 O’clock the output is 50w, and so on and so forth and anywhere in between! And to top it off, as opposed to Hot Plates and Attenuator Boxes which hurt your output tubes and output transformer by making them work overtime, the PPIM saves the life of those components by attenuating the signal before it gets there! The O.T. and Output Tubes are now working UNDER SPEC! No more power tubes prematurely cooked to death thanks to a Hot Plate!